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  E-Access provides two primary types of consulting services:

     Incident Investigation & Problem Solving
Facilitation of a Specific Problem or Incident in your Organization

     The incident that you specify will be outlined in terms of your company's goals. Information about the cause and effect relationships with supporting evidence and information from the experts within your company will be collected. Once the cause of incident has been analysed it will be used as a platform to guide the group through the identification of potential and ultimately effective solutions. The entire work will be documented in one electronic file, as well as in a hardcopy, which will be provided to the client. A follow-up may be scheduled to control the effectiveness of the solutions at a future date.

Project Work
Process Development & Improvement in Your Production Line

    E-Access provides consulting services on specific projects within a client's organization. The project work may range anywhere from one-day to a month or more.



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E-Access Business Philosophy

    The objective of our business is to provide high quality services for our customers.




Project Management Institute, USA


The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


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     E-Access field of expertise

    Semiconductor Technology, Optoelectronics, Technical Project management, Quality Control, Product Qualification


    E-Access Projects

    within ...

    Electronic equipment manufacturing

    Medical industry

    Semiconductor industry


    E-Access History

    E-Access founded in February 2002 in Stockholm, Sweden.